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The Mayor of Taipei Visits Aborigines Aged Service Center


   The mayor of Taipei, Ke Wenzhe will take a visit to Taipei City Aborigines Aged Service center at 11:30 AM, Sep 12th, 2017, for which he will study and understand the current operating conditions by himself.  This serviced center was open on 5th July, 2017, which is the first aborigines aged service center in Taipei.

   After the arrival of Mayor Ke he firstly join in musical group lesson with elders and share  each other songs and lullaby when they were young and sang by their parents, and also he inspects on facilities and activities of each floor taking place in aged service center, including roof garden city, plantation of common food and vegetables for the supply to aborigines; The fourth floor is designated for aerobic dance and fitness etc activities, and hand-made soap DIY goes for third floor, where the elders will eagerly  share DIY products with the Mayor. To experience the very service provided by, the mayor will be invited to make salad and have dinner with elders,

   Ever since the establishment of Aborigines Aged Service Center, it becomes the medium that makes the aborigine elders walk out from home to talk, learn, share, and enjoy food with other minority elders, which has a substantial benefit to everyone’s  health. In another hand most employees in service center are aborigines, as everyone can communicate with local dialect, not only it makes better service due to the less culture difference or conflict, but also it increase the employment opportunity for aborigines so as to they can take care of themselves.

The Activity Flow of Mayor’s Visit to Taipei Aborigines Aged Service Center( Beiyuan Club House)

1. Time: 11:30 AM to 12:30, 12th Sep, 2017(Tuesday)

2. Location: Beiyuan Club House (#49 Xiangyang Road, Nangang District, Taipei)

3. Activity Flow:







Musical group activities

Hall at Ground/First Floor

Behold Mayor to share his own impressed lullaby


Tour on Aged Service Center

Roof: garden city

4th floor dance class: aerobic dance

301 class( hand-made soap DIY)

1. Behold mayor dance with elders

2.donation of elder’s handmade soap, by 301 Class



Cultural Lunch


behold Mayor join in salad making


Photo taking

1st fllor Gate